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What are solar panels?

Solar panels are photovoltaic components that allow man to take advantage of inexhaustible resources like solar light energy that does not harm the environment and it’s free for everyone.

How works solar panels?

Solar panels generate electric energy absorbing sunlight. This energy is processed for a solar invertor for this to be used later in your home, business, or be returned to the CFE through a measurer bidirectional.

What types of facilities solar panels do you handle?

You can choose systems of interconnected solar panels to the electric network or solar panels systems isolated with independent batteries.

How many solar panels do I need for my house?

In Abstract Energy we made systems that responds to the energy need and to carry out the analysis, is necessary that you sent the last light bill, to determine the amount of solar panels necessaries.

Do you install solar panels to companies?

Yes, we offer integral solutions for small business and big industries. These systems are designed with the objective to decrease your fixed expenses.

What guarantees offer?

All our systems have 25 years of guarantee in solar panels, 10 years in invertors and structure. Additional to this, Abstract is the only company that for 12 months, we offer a guarantee of generation that of not being fulfilled, the client get the difference in money or in solar panels.

I need batteries to stock the electric generated for the solar panels?

No, if it’s about interconnected system to the net of CFE. Yes, in the case that needs an isolated system. It is important to understand that the isolated systems requires a major investment, and therefore are proposed in case place is in an area where it’s doesn’t exist infrastructure CFE.

Which are the isolated photovoltaic systems?

The isolated systems are those haven’t connection to the CFE electrical network, for the same thing, requires a set of batteries for to stock the electric energy which will be used later in your house or business. This system will allow 100% saving already because they are sized to be self-sufficient and is required from part of client a modification in the habits that they have in the using in electricity.

How works the bidirectional measurer?

The bidirectional measurer counts the electricity that enters by CFE and the electricity that the solar panels produce. The bidirectional measurer will connect permanently to the CFE networks to calculate the energy produced and inject it to the light networks, helping to decrease the costs in electric energy.

I stop paying in the CFE when installing solar panels?

With the installation of interconnected solar panel systems, you will save up to 98%; this is because the systems are dimensioned so that all generated energy it could be consumed and the payment what does CFE correspond to the majority of the cases to the amount that this charge for emit the receipt.

Do you have the option to rent solar panels?

Yes, we count with the option of “leasing” that it allows enjoy of the benefits of the solar panels paying a monthly rent with option to buy in any moment and that is 100% deductible from ISR.

How much does an installation costs?

The panels don´t costs, they are an investment. The investment varies in every project and it’s in function to the quantity of the panels are needed.

How much time does it take to make an installation of solar panels?

To determine this, is necessary to consider the size of the project and the accessibility to the place.

The solar panels works in cloudy days and rain?

Yes they works, although not the same as in sunny days, cloudy days already are considered in the sizing with an average of irradiation so that the savings that we offer are reals.

Can I increase the amount in solar panels after the installation?

Yes, as long as the property counts with available space to do it.

They guarantee me the necessary energy generation?

Yes, with Abstract Energy you will have a guarantee of agree energy, so we assure you that always you will count with the electric generation enough to the supply require in your consumption.

What are the brands of solar inverters that handle?

In Abstract Energy we save the quality of all our components and accessories of installation and we offer you the best brands in invertors and micro inventors such as: SMA, ENPHASE and APS.

The panels represents some type of risk to my electronics devices?

No, the risk is doesn’t exist because the captured energy will become in electricity ready to consume.

Which are the payment forms?

Electronic transfer, nominal check, credit and debit card. We also count with different financing options.

Why choose Abstract Energy in my panels installation?

We are the best option because we integrate a team of experts in the in the matter that allow us guarantee the desired savings, also our variety of products counts with the most higher standards in quality to word level.

We excel thanks to our products of high quality, personality service and incomparable guarantees, our commitment is contribute to the improvement of the quality and life style of our clients, and we guarantee you that your investment in solar energy will impact positively in your financial freedom.

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