Solar Panels Residentials

Allow solar energy to work for you, all you need is to invest in a residential solar panel system, which will allow you to generate your own electricity, reducing your electricity rate by up to 98%.

Types of Residential Installation

Ideal for all types of housing that want to maintain a permanent saving in their electricity rate.

Interconnected Solar Panels

With a photovoltaic system interconnected to the network, you can generate your own energy through solar panels and a central inverter, which will be connected to the CFE supply network; The electricity generated will be for the consumption of your home and the surplus will be injected into the CFE distribution network, which will allow you to reduce your consumption by up to 98% on your current receipt.


Isolated Solar Panels

With our system of Insulated Solar Panels, you can generate your own solar energy, through a system of Photovoltaic Panels and Rechargeable Batteries, which will allow you to store electrical energy, ideal for installation in areas removed from the city where there is no access to CFE or where the customer does not want to install an electricity distribution network.


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