System of solar panels isolated

With our system of Isolated Solar Panels, you can generate your own solar energy, through a system of Photovoltaic Panels and Rechargeable Batteries, ideal to install in areas removed from the city where there is no access to CFE or where the client does not want install an electrical distribution network.

Benefits of Isolated Solar Panels

Ideal for residential areas away from the city, towns, municipalities, ranches and places where there is no electricity supply network.

Unlimited Energy

Photovoltaic Solar Panels that convert sunlight into direct current.

Control of your consumption

The charge controller or regulator will help protect the battery charge and monitor its proper operation.

Electric storage

A set of batteries in charge of storing the load and that will allow a total electrical independence from CFE.

High Capacity Investors

Direct current or alternating current inverter to power your electrical appliances.

100% energy savings

You will no longer have to pay CFE, as it will have a completely independent system from the conventional power grid.

Monitoring and Support

Our team of engineers will guarantee the supply of electrical energy in your installation and will be available for support if necessary.

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